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    Our company had produced the first centrifugal blower for Sanyou Group as early as 1995, and three D120-1.7 centrifugal blower for Sanyou Group Chemical Fiber Company in 2004. These fans have been in continuous operation, and the operation effect is good. With the stable operation of our products over the years and good after-sales service, we stood out from more than 20 competitors in the bidding of several branches of Sanyou Group in 2016 and won a total of 31 centrifugal blowers.

    In April 2016, tangshan Sanyou Yuanda Fiber Co., LTD., in the bidding of eight centrifugal blowers for 200,000TONS/year Functional and Differentiated Viscou Fiber Project Sewage Treatment East Area, won the bid in the fierce competition from 20 blower-producing enterprises. The eight blowers have been delivered for use in October 2016.

    In May 2016, tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fiber Co., LTD bid for five centrifugal blowers entitled "50,000 tons/year Sodium sulfate Concentration and 2 million square meters/year Reclaimed Water Recycling Project". After fierce competition, our company won the bid again with excellent cost performance. The five blowers were put into use in November 2016 and achieved good results.

    In November 2016, tangshan Sanyou Yuanda Fiber Co., LTD. 's bidding for seven centrifugal blowers entitled "200,000-Ton/year Functional and Differentiated Rayon Staple Fiber Project", our company once again defeated the competitors by virtue of the excellent cost performance of the products, and was once again recognized by the users with its high-performance product price.

    In February 2017, our company and Tangshan Sanyou Yuanda Fiber Co., LTD successfully renewed 11 centrifugal blowers, making the total number of centrifugal blowers successfully operated by our company in Tangshan Sanyou Group reach 37.

    Our company is able to win the bidding in the same group for many times, thanks to the excellent cost performance and quality service to win the trust of customers. Since 1995, our products have been well used in Sanyou Group and have been widely praised by users. We will always try our best to make our products better and better.